February 15th 2016 – Longhoughton to Alnwick

Dist: 16.2kms

The start of today began with a leisurely walk along the beach from Sugar Sands near Longhoughton in company with Gemma, Ruth, Megan and Alfie. We headed North for approx 1km before leaving the beach up the mudding track. Gemma slipping and sliding, Me Ruth and Megan having a good laugh at Gemma’s expense. The sky at this point was a beautiful blue colour with an occasional white cloud, despite the sun shining it was a bitterly cold day.

R: 148 G: 255 B: 179 X:39852 Y: 0 S: 0 Zs: 12 Zp: 132 F: 20 I: 4 ImgVer:

On reaching the bridge over the estuary at Red Stead Gemma and the others decided to call it a day. I carried on heading further North towards Howick Scar. The path continued to be claggy and care had to be taken. After short time began to head West inland and towards Howick Hall. Road walking’s not my favourite thing to do and on the single track rural roads I needed to concentrate and be aware of each and every vehicle. A few hail showers interrupted the otherwise blue sky and on reaching Howick Hall I turned my attention towards heading towards Longhoughton. Just before Longhoughton opposite the BT junction house I left the road and once again took the public bridleway towards Peppermoor. After going under the underpass I entered a small wooded area. Noticed that somebody had left all the gates unlocked, which is something you don’t see a lot in the country as most people follow the countryside code.

Underpass near Longhoughton

Longhoughton underpass








Saw on the map there was a TV aerial pylon and could see it in the distance ahead of me. Headed along the edge of Longhoughton Quarry heeding the warning signs. Saw several people walking their dogs on the way to Peppermoor but didn’t get close enough to talk. Just after Peppermoor I entered a field with several horses who made their way towards me. Wasn’t sure how they would react but after introductions and a quick sniff (by the horses) they decided I wasn’t worthy of any further attention. I took to the road again towards Snableaze,  passing by an old Manse above the Ratheugh Crag


Ignore at your peril


Ol Manse near Snableazes









Took to an old claggy track which would shorten the day towards Denwick. It scenery was fantastic but the walking was ruined slightly by the sound of gun shot ringing out all around me. The gamekeepers, poachers etc were clearly also taking advantage of the good clear weather conditions. Some of the noise seemed pretty close and a was getting a little freaked out and paranoid about getting myself shot. Was pleased to reach Denwick and took the opportunity to have a rest and a drink in the pretty little bus shelter which unusually didn’t stink of urine.


Pretty bus shelter in Denwick

Pretty bus shelter in Denwick








From here it was road walking all the way back to Alnwick. took the flyover across the A1 dual carriageway and then walked along the wall close to Alnwick Castle. Arrived at my destination about 5.15pm. Little bit concerned about the continuing issue with my left boot. It seems to be rubbing on my left leg near to where I had pins/plates inserted several years ago following a broken leg. Not sure how to resolve the issue but near to give it further thought.

See you next time……………………………..

Plans for summer

Day 2: Penzance to Helston Farm (Sample)

Start: Penzance Finish: Helston Farm Distance Today (miles): 18.4 Total Distance (miles): 29.8 Percentage walked: 2.4%
Hi This is day two blog. Was wet and winding this morning when I woke up after my first night under the stars. Set off about 8.10 and was feeling hungry straight away. I was already aware that I would be passing through the town of Morebreath after approx 2 miles and assume they have a shop of some sort. Arrived and got myself some breakfast and a hot cup of coffee from a machine. Had a quick chat with Pauline at the checkout whilst my sipped my coffee. Nice place Morebreath but wanted to get a move on. Carried on at a good pace until I arrived in Greater Beans for lunch time. Found a good place to sit in a wooden bus stop and ate my pastie that I had picked up earlier in Morebreath. Must have been sitting close to a school because lots of kids passing by. Stopping at campsite in Helston Farm.

R:  155 G:  255 B:  168 X:43940 Y:39244 S:    0 Zs:   0 Zp: 232 F:    4 I:    4 ImgVer:

R: 155 G: 255 B: 168 X:43940 Y:39244 S: 0 Zs: 0 Zp: 232 F: 4 I: 4 ImgVer:

Day 1 From Lands End to Penzance

Start: Lands End.                                                Today’s Mileage: 11.6                                Start time:     11.20 am

Finish: Penzance.                                                                                                                       Finish time:    4.40 pm

Jumped off the #1 bus at Lands End, well I fell actually due to the weight of the pack and quickly before anybody could witness my embarrasment I headed off towards the Lands End Signpost for the obligatory photograph. I’m a bit of a rebel by heart and stubbort as my wife will confirm, but I submitted to having the photographer take my photo and handed him my £10 note. I then slowly walked around looking for the white markings on the ground where the real adventures would begin and tried to take in as much of the atmosphere as I could. I eventually found the literal ‘Start’ line and took the first step. I actually did this first step three times cos the helpful person taking my ‘first step’ photograph had trouble getting me into the shot.

Off I went, telling myself to slow down and not let the occasion carry me away to quickly. I