Several months ago during my early planning for LEJOG I decided to try and use the occasion to raise some money for charity. I chose MacMillan Cancer and the lesser known Combat Stress and set a high target of £5000. I’ve now set up a justgiving page and linked it to my Facebook account. I have also created some sponsorship forms and hope to get £5 raised for each mile that I walk. It’s a fairly high target and means I’ll have to make some effort to achieve it. I hope that a bit of advertising in the New Year might help. I’ll also post updates on the target over next few months.

Did a couple of warm up walks this week, 10miles and 6miles carrying my full pack of 13kgs or 28lbs. Taking advantage of the decent dry weather.




Just came back from a short walk around Alnwick (9 miles) picking up my damage pedal cycle from town on way home. Nice surprise when I got home to find that my National Express coach ticket from Alnwick to Penzance has arrived in the post. Have pre-booked several nights of accommodation as I’m concerned about getting stuck without somewhere to stay on some of the busier locations such as Aviemore and parts of the Pennine Way. I know I’m putting myself under a little bit of pressure to be at a certain location on some days but the guarantee of a warm bed was a good trade off. I’ve sold my vehicle and I’m using the cash to finance LEJOG, I’ll need to walk everywhere now for the next six months but it’ll be good walking practice for the real thing next April.

My LEJOG coach ticket to Penzance

My LEJOG coach ticket to Penzance