Equipment update:

Saw Mike’s blog on his techie equipment and thought I’d add my own post. The techie stuff may seem excessive to some but I want to record as much detail of the walk as I can. Ask anybody who knows me well enough and they’ll confirm I’ve got an awful memory. The go-pro 4 video camera attaches to the front strap of the backpack and will help to record my adventures. I’m also going to try and add weekly video to the blog, however with my record of techno cock ups, who knows what might happen. I’ve recently acquired my son, Ben’s iPad mini and this will be used with the lightweight Logitech keyboard to add daily posts.


Together with my iPhone, power pack which can provide 5 full charges to the iPhone and any accessories this adds 1.61kgs to my pack.

Six weeks and counting down

It’s now less then 6 weeks until I set off for Lands End. I’ve been getting out lots and clocking up some miles, have started carrying my full pack which incidently weighs in at 14kgs. It originally stood at 16kgs which I thought was a bit excessive so I scrutinised it and managed to get rid of some non essentials, notebook, some clothing and bits from cleaning/first aid kit. It’s pretty strange walking around Alnwick with a full backpack and I’ve been getting some odd looks from people that know me.

I’m planning on doing a 4 day camping trip down the Northumberland coastal path in a few weeks time to finalise everything, hope the weather behaves itself.

The charity fund raising is going OK, I didn’t realise that this part of the walk would be so time consuming and I feel bit cringey asking people to part with their hard earned cash. Hopefully most of the sponsor forms should be complete before I start the trip so that I can focus on the walking.

Also been texting friends who are planning to spend some time walking with me on my adventure and finalising details. It’s a difficult thing to do when you don’t know exactly where you’ll be from day to day, their being very understanding and trying to be flexible , thanks to all of you and looking forwards to meeting up with you.