About me

My name is James Robert Jones and I’m originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I currently live and work in the beautiful town of Alnwick which is located in North Northumberland between the stunning East coast and the Cheviot Hills to the North West.

I am married to Gemma and have two children, Ben who is 16 and Ruth who is 13. We recently got a family puppy who we have named ‘Alfie’. He’s a Golden Retreiver

I’ve been a serving Northumbria Police Officer for the last 20 years and still enjoy most of the time that I spend at work, although sometimes it can be frustrating.

My primary reason for starting this website is so that I can record a log of the initial planning and then the actual walk named LEJOG.  I’m also going to use it mainly to keep up to date with my other walking exploits.

I began walking as a hobby about 4 years ago and currently spend most of my spare time either walking or planning my walks. I love the isolation and peace of walking as a contrast to my working life which is generally hectic and noisy. I also use it as a way of keeping myself fit, as a 47 year old man it’s something I need to dedicate some effort to.

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   That’s me and Gemma.