Kit List

Having the correct type and amount of kit on a trip like LEJOG is vital. I’m not particularly obsessive about the weight of my kit but I do like to keep my pack weight down as much as possible.

I usually weigh about 84kgs and I try to limit my pack to no more than 20% of my own weight, this equates to about 17kgs. I’ve completed several multiple day walks in the UK and don’t have a problem with carrying 17kgs, but having said that I’ve absolutely no intention of trying to carry that much weight over such a long period. Everybody has their own idea about what they need to carry in their pack and that’s absolutely fine. I usually carry a cooking kit (stove, gas, pans etc) however I’m not taking this on the LEJOG. This kit takes up a lot of space in the pack as well as the additional weight. I’ve considered the route and I’m fairly happy that I’ll come across plenty of places to buy food on the trip. I’m leaving my cooking equipment in the garage.

Below is a full list of all the kit that I’m taking on the trip. Gemma’s going to post out parcels to specific post offices in specified locations with space clothes, toiletries and medication and I’ll return the favour by sending my smelly, well sweaty clothes back home for Gemma to wash.

Pack ItemWeightPack ItemWeight
Rucksack2.25kgSpare Trousers x 10.310kg
Sleeping Bag1.10kgsSpare T-Shirt x 10.168kg
TentSpare Socks x 30.225kgs
Sleeping MattSpare Underwear x 30.180kgs
Sleeping Bag linerRaincoat0.730kg
Roll Matt0.203kgGloves/Hat0.516kg
iphone + charger 0.230kgScarpa Boots1.42kgs
iphone charger0.336kgSocks0.075kg
Fleece Jacket0.232kg
Food1.50 kgsWater2.00 kgs
Total Weight Carried


Backpack and kit

Backpack and full kit