LEJOG Accommodation

One of the very first decisions that anybody hoping to complete the LEJOG/JOGLE has to make is the standard of their accommodation. It generally comes down to the relative luxury of Hotels/Bed and Breakfast and possibly hostels and then the not so luxurious camping. Like many others before me, I’m going for a combination of all these options. I do enjoy camping, however this particular emotion can wear thin fairly quickly and I try to limit the number of consecutive days camping to no more then 3. This is particularly important to me if the weather conditions are poor and I’m sure that anybody reading this will understand what I’m saying.


This is my criteria;

I like Travelodges/Premiere Inns. I’ve stayed in several before and they suit my needs. They can offer a good night sleep for between £35-£50 and there is nearly always a pub nearby.

If necessary I’ll stay in a Youth Hostel. I’ve not had the best of experiences in these places, too much snoring/farting and noise from people coming and going. They used to be a reasonably cheap option but when possible I’ll pay the bit cash and stay in a Travelodge.

If there are no other options then I’ll camp somewhere. I’m fully aware of the camping laws/rules in both England and Scotland. I’m happy to ask the farmer/landowner if required and my experience has always been positive, they would rather people ask then just pitch up and if they do say no it’s generally for a good reason.